Event Monitor
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Transmitting Data

Depending on the monitor used, between 2 and 5 events may be recorded before transmission to the control center.  On the back of the monitor will be a toll-free 800 number.  A technician will answer and receive the transmission and may ask questions about symptoms.  (The patient should not use a cell or portable phone as these can not be used for transmissions from the event monitor.) 

When the technician is ready to receive, the monitor should be unplugged from the electrode cords and the telephone’s mouth piece should be placed on the small hole in front of the monitor. The “Event button” is then pressed and the transmission will occur as the monitor emits a series of high pitched sounds.  Transmission takes about 4 times as long as recording, or about 2 to 4 minutes for each event.

The transmitted tones are turned into an ECG at the command center, analyzed, and sent to the cardiologist through email or Fax, or through a secure web site. If severe arrhythmia is noted by the technician at the command center, the cardiologist will be contacted immediately.

After transmission, the patient should press the reset button on the top of the monitor, reattach the electrode cords, and continue to monitor events as directed by the cardiologist.